WhatsApp Integration with vTiger (one week-Free trial)


WhatsApp Integration with vTiger supported for vTiger 7.1 and 7.2 gives you the flexibility to send/receive WhatsApp messages to your Prospects, customers or vendors.

There are Major aspects that have been achieved from this integration as below,

  • One to one communication between user and customer
  • WhatsApp message Integrated with Workflow to send Automatic message on workflow trigger
  • Send WhatsApp messages to multiple records in one shot(obviously you’ve to follow WhatsApp guidelines for the same). 

Click here to get end to end user manual of vTiger WhatsApp Integration

1. Multi Device support : Select this option when you enable Multi-Device support
for WhatsApp. Click here for more information

Features of WhatsApp Integration

    • 1. Send/Receive Message from individual record
    • 2. Send multiple messages
    • 3. Send message from workflow
    • 4. Global WhatsApp messaging
    • 5. Ac (History of all updates)
    • 6. Global WhatsApp messaging categorized into 3 sections
      • 1. New messages
      • 2. Unknown numbers
      • 3. Module(Leads/Contacts/Org./Vendors) messages



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Recommendation on Sending WhatsApp Messages

  • Since Watsapp is very skeptical about numbers that do bulk mailing, following is recommendations:
    • You may not send advertising, marketing or promotional messages 
    • Send no more than 5-10 messages per minute, i.e. send messages in batches, not all at once.
    • Take into account the reaction of users to the message. Usually, 10 clicks on the “Spam” button 
    • WhatsApp has no physical limit on the number of messages, as per their policy but there is a recommendation not to exceed certain messages per day. Again this will  be per the WhatsApp Policy

 Note : Following are the important notes of WhatsApp vTiger Integration from CRMTiger.

  • One WhatsApp number for entire CRM and all users of CRM can send/received WhatsApp to assigned record against Global WhatsApp number set in CRM

If you wants to change WhatsApp number simply Rescan QR Code from WhatsApp in your phone by opening Settings > WhatsApp Web > Scan QR Code by going to “WhatsApp Configuration” Page

Additional information

WhatsApp Type

Multi Device support


1. Download zip file by clicking on Link which you’ve received in Email
2. Follow below steps to Install Extension in CRM based on Version
3. Login using Admin Credential
4. Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Module Management > Modules > Import Module
from Zip > Select zip file & check checkbox > Click Import > Accept the license Agreement > Import Now


Version compatibility : Upto version 7.1

Release Notes

Release version 1.0.1 – Beta release of WhatsApp Integration
Features : get from product page feature list provided


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