Free Feature Packed Mobile App for vTiger version 7.x+



CRMTiger – Launched Free Feature packed Mobile App for vTiger version 6.x+, also compatible hosted version of vTiger. Completely Free – NO Ads!

CRMTiger App is our Brand New Gift of 2017 to vTiger CRM community.

CRMTiger is Leading provider of Open Source CRM solutions including vTIger, SugarCRM, Sage CRM and more…

First Release packed with FEATURES:

  • View, create, and edit CRM records from contacts to support tickets and more

  • Get on-screen notifications about upcoming tasks, potentials, tickets, and more

  • Dial contacts straight from their records

  • View and modify CRM data even while offline

  • Inbuilt QR code Scanner to directly create leads, contacts, or organizations

  • Quick Create option for Calendar, MyList,

  • Location based search and view records on map

  • Sync Device contact

  • Select your favorite or lucky color for the app UI from Six available options

  • Language (English/Hebrew – RTL)

  • Calendar event listing on Home Screen

  • Sync your Device contacts to CRM

  • View History on Home screen

  • View public Filter count on Home screen

  • Enable/Disable Add Record button

  • Auto sync with Wi Fi connection

  • Notification with Vibrate mode and sound

Code change for APPS to work for version 7.0 :

API Code Update for version 7.x

If you are using vTiger 7.x than following this steps.

  • File name : /(Your_vTiger_Directory)/modules/Mobile/api/ws/SyncModuleRecords.php

– Comment Code line No # 103
//$this->resolveRecordValues($recordValues, $current_user);

  • File name : /(Your_vTiger_Directory)/modules/Mobile/api/ws/FetchRecordsWithGrouping.php

– Comment code line No # 66
//$this->resolveRecordValues($record, $user);


You can download Updates and replace above both files.
Note : First take backup of both files and extract zip file in your vTiger directory

Our aim to provide vTiger users with a useful mobile app to access their CRM on the move, Anywhere – Anytime with access to important data available offline

If you find any problem or want to give feedback about this app, do not hesitate to contact us on We would be more than happy to assist you.

If you want to have Your Own Custom App like this, free to contact us on We would love to hear from you.

Being part of open source communities,
We would be continuously giving back with more CRM apps…
Coming next vTiger iOS – First Quarter of 2017
Followed by More Apps coming soon for SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, X2CRM …

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