Google Chrome Extension in WhatsApp for vTiger CRM

The Most awaited WhatsApp Chrome Extension with vTiger is available from CRMTiger

Support for vTiger version : 6.5,7.x

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Why WhatsApp for vTiger from CRMTiger?

CRM Connection

Closely connected with CRM to integrate WhatsApp messages as comments, Tickets, or other important features.

Manage Contacts

Manage all your WhatsApp contacts, filter them and more.

WhatsApp Group

Copy all WhatsApp Group participants to record in vTiger

Sync WhatsApp contact

Convert WhatsApp contacts to CRM contacts

Browse Related Module Records

With the CRMTiger Extension, you can easily browse and access related module records in vTigerCRM.


The CRMTiger Extension for vTiger works seamlessly with vTigerCRM versions from 7.0.*.

Automatic Module Recognition

The CRMTiger Extension for vTiger CRM automatically identifies and opens the relevant module in the right pane based on the contact or chat that is currently open in WhatsApp Web.

Create, Edit, & Search Modules

You can effortlessly create, edit, and search various modules in vTiger CRM, including Contacts, Leads, Notes, and more.

Attach Numbers/Phones

The plugin allows you to easily attach phone numbers from WhatsApp Web directly to vTigerCRM.

Key Feature

CRM Integration

  • WhatsApp integration with CRM to create and update tickets, activities, task from customer.

Manage Contacts

  • Quick & Easy access to WhatsApp chat
  • Divide message into various categories like all, unread, mentions, group and businesses number.

Create, Edit, and Search Modules

  • You can effortlessly create, edit, and search various modules in vTiger CRM, including Contacts, Leads, Notes, and more, directly from WhatsApp Web using the CRMTiger Extension.
  • This eliminates the need to switch between different applications, allowing you to efficiently manage your CRM data without any hassle.

Powerful Features

To Add in your CRM with this Add-On

Works with Key Essential Modules

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Organization

Also works with any other default or custom
modules having WhatsApp numbers

  • Send & Receive WhatsApp Message
  • Automatically send messages to Whatsapp numbers using workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WhatsApp Chrome extension for websites?

The WhatsApp Chrome extension for websites is a tool that allows website visitors to easily share website content with their contacts on WhatsApp. It adds a WhatsApp share button to the website, enabling users to share URLs, text, and images directly from the website to their WhatsApp contacts.

How does it work?

CRMTiger will offer a “WhatsApp Chrome extension” that you need to install. Try the FREE Trial, now!

Is the WhatsApp Chrome extension available in multiple languages?

Yes, the WhatsApp Chrome extension is often available in multiple languages to cater to a global audience. The extension usually detects the user's browser language settings and displays the appropriate language for the button and any accompanying text.

Where can I find support or help for the WhatsApp Chrome extension?

That's a very simple one, only at one place!

Is the WhatsApp Chrome extension free?

Click here to know more about pricing details- CRMTiger

Does the WhatsApp Chrome extension require users to have WhatsApp installed?

Yes, for users to utilize the WhatsApp Chrome extension and share content, they must have WhatsApp installed on their device.

Can we send Mass Message?

No, you can not send Mass messages.

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