vTiger Dynamic Blocks

The extension for VTiger, “Dynamic Blocks,“ serves the purpose of making things easier and faster for you. The extension gives you the control to show or hide blocks on any record view, as well as show or hide fields. The blocks are shown or hidden based on the picklist field that is configured in the settings area.


How Marketing Automation Benefits Your Sales Team

While not exactly a misnomer, the name marketing automation might lead one to believe that this technology is just for making the lives of your marketing team easier. In truth, marketing automation features can be just as beneficial for sales as they are for marketing. Moreover, they can be very effective in promoting transparency between the two departments. These four features, in particular, can help your sales team shorten their sales cycle and close more deals more efficiently.


Why CRM is Important for Small Businesses

Customer relationship management (CCRM) is important for small business owners to handle their multitasking role in an effective way, which will save time and effort to do their day-to-day activities. CRM will allow business owners to better manage their clients, contacts,  and sales processes and give them a better quality reporting tool to measure and monitor their business.

CRM for Restaurants

The restaurant industry heavily relies on human interaction and connection. Although customer relationship management is at the core of any restaurant business, most tend to shy away from adopting a CRM system. Try and imagine a solution that will allow your business to be smarter and help you provide a more personalized experience to your customers while integrating seamlessly into your existing processes and practices. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, here are five ways a CRM solution will help you turn this into reality.