Add Facebook Messenger Power to your vTiger CRM

Most awaited extension for Facebook Messenger Integration with vTiger is available from CRMTiger

  • Support for vTiger Version : 7.x
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Why Facebook Messenger For VTiger From CRMTiger?

Multiple Agents

Run Customer Support on Facebook messenger with shared inbox between multiple agents


Auto notification on customer’s Facebook messenger on any updates of Record

InApp Notification

Get instant App notification when customer send message on Facebook page

Centralized Communication

Manage Facebook Messages in a shared inbox and centralize communication in one platform

CRM Connection

Connected with vTiger CRM to integrate Facebook messages as comments, Ticket or other important feature.

Support Facebook pages

Manage WhatsApp Messages to contacts against multiple Facebook pages.

Unknown to known Profile

Convert Unknown customers to contacts from Facebook Timeline interface.

Convert to Record

Convert conversation to record from Facebook messenger chat


Detailed analysis of Facebook messages conversations from vTiger

How It Works ?

Simple 3 steps process to ready your setup with Facebook Messenger

1. Order Facebook Messenger from here

2. Connect your Facebook account with CRMTiger Addons. Click here Click here

3. Setup and ready to Launch Facebook messenger integration with vTiger Click here

Trusted by many companies worldwide

Key Feature


Send Notifications On Facebook messenger

Send ticket updates, reminders,payment reminders,product updates and other notifications on customer’s Facebook messenger.


Multiple Facebook pages Management

Support multiple Facebook pages accessible to vTiger users to send/received messages against it.


CRM Integration

  • Facebook messenger integration with CRM to create tickets,activities,task from messenger conversations.
  • Copy Facebook messages to any fields of record
  • Set Facebook messages as an important message
  • Messages distribution to important, new messages, unknown profile.


In-App Notification

  • Dispaly # of new message on Notification
  • Quick & Easy access of Facebook chat
  • Compose new message from Notification


Facebook messenger analytics

Access analytics on Facebook messenger conversations between agents and your customers, displaying sent vs receive ratios, sent vs unattended conversations empowering you to assess the effectiveness of your Facebook message conversations

Powerful Features

Connect your CRM modules with Facebook messenger Add-On

Works with Key Essential Modules

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Organization
  • Vendors

Also works with any other default or custom
modules to connect conversations against record

  • Send & Receive Facebook messages automatically
  • Send messages to customer's Facebook messenger using workflows

CRMTiger Facebook Messenger Integration for vTiger


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work ?

CRMTiger offer a “Vtiger extension for Facebook messenger” integration that you need to install on your vTiger CRM. Click here for more information about our addon.

How much it cost ?

CRMTiger offers monthly plan for Facebook messenger Integration for vTiger
1. Monthly Plan
You’ve to pay $49/month with unlimited Facebook messenger conversations.

Facebook messenger extension price includes unlimited installation?

No, Facebook extension price includes installation to only one Domain, for each new domain you have to procure a new license.

Does it allow to connect all Facebook business pages?

Indeed, all your Facebook business pages are integrated with Facebook Messenger, enabling you to send and receive messages across any of your active Facebook pages.

What about my Facebook chat security?

CRMTiger's use Facebook messenger API and does not store any information about conversations between two parties customer and CRM agents, any data stored on customer's CRM server.

Which vTiger version is compatible with Whatsapp extension?

vTiger version 7.x

We're Running CRM on Local(InHouse) Server, Does Facebook messenger integration will work ?

Facebook messaner integration will not work with the CRM hosted locally until you allow access of your CRM Using LiveIP or host CRM on Cloud server because Facebook messenger API required access to your IP to send incoming message.

How can I setup and install a Facebook messenger extension?

Visit detailed installation instruction here.

How can I use Facebook messenger addons ?

Visit detailed instruction on how to use Facebook Messenger Integration here.

Can I send mass Facebook messages to many of my contacts or leads from Vtiger CRM?

No we do not support bulk message feature.

Can I send files as attachments using Facebook messenger in vTiger CRM?

Yes, You can send attachment but for limited size, its depends on maximum size allowed in your vTiger CRM.

Is there an option to view all Facebook messages filtered by contacts, leads, accounts or so?

Yes, there is a “Global” Facebook view to see all messages together separated by
- New messages
- Messages from unknown profile (profile not in vtiger CRM)
- Module wise messages

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