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vTiger® is one of the most popular open source CRM with many features to suit various business needs, still some businesses need to modify or build more to suit their niche requirements. CRMTiger team have built many add ons-extensions and always ready to help you with your new customization needs.


vTiger® is definitely a low cost option to high budget CRM. CRMTiger team posseses expertise in migration whether it’s upgradation within vTiger®(migration in different version of vTiger®) or external migration(migration from different CRM/ERP to vTiger®).


With 6+ years of experience, CRMTiger team can provide high quality vTiger CRM Support and custom development solutions. Our strongly experienced team is capable of executing projects of all sizes.


We are passionate to provide you with the best vTiger® CRM Development solution to drive your business ahead efficiently with minimum costs.


Do you already have your website, app or CRM set in place? Difficult to manage all separately? Would you want everything in one place? Just tell us and we do the rest. We won’t let your earlier efforts and investments go in vain.


Based on our experience, at CRMTiger we created and offer various plugins for vTiger. Our plugins are ready solution to many frequent and similar customization demanded by clients.


We offer Functional as well as technical training to developers as well as end user.


CRMTiger offers industry specific CRM like education, real-estate, travel and tourism, SPA etc.. Moreover it can be customized further to suit your requirements.

CRM For Telecom

Implementation of the CRM for Telcome industry with integration of the Billing system. CRM has many module like Recharge, Add-ons, CUG Plan, customer activation, B2B, MVNO/MVNE Dashbaord,complete multitanency CRM implementation.


CRM For Wellness

Development of CRM for SPA,welness and Salon.This CRM integrated with POS system,Order management,Automatic print receipt,Product and service management,Referral management etc..


CRM For Photography

Implementation of the Photography CRM to manage photo seqeunce,order and inventory.System has many module to track the sequence, export the photosequence in specific paper format


CRM For Manufacturing

Development of CRM for manufacturing industry which includes customization of customer,contact,purchase order,quotation,sales order,Invoice,workflow management,email campaign etc..


Who we are ?

  • Experience in customization for vTiger using Smarty,PHP,mySQL

  • Expertise in custom module development

  • 5+ Year of IT experience specifically in OpenSource Framework

  • 15+ Satisfied client

  • 50% Saving in Development cost

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