Fire Safety Inspection company

Company Background :
Company is “Fire safety inspection” company with many customer focused on safety checking on Public and Private Organization.
Project Screenshot :
Fire Safety
Requirement :

One of the partner company of CRMTiger having complex requirement to developed feature to manage Safety Inspection “Checklist” with more features like,

  • PDF export features
  • Tablet compatibility for on-field inspection staff
  • Tabbing features
The Solution :
CRMTiger team implement customized vTiger CRM version 7.1.0 to fulfil needs of customer.
  • Developed Tabbed based module
  • Mobile Responsive Table based entry form
  • Multi Page PDF export
Tools and Technology :
  • vTiger® version 7.0.1
  • PHP 5.6
  • MVC Framework
Scope :

The CRMTiger Team Inspection Manager Module is a valuable and versatile module for our flagship Inspection Module which manages the automatic transfer of data from your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) or other inspection or production equipment that can output dimensional measurements to an output file, like a spreadsheet or database

Summary :

The Inspection Manager is purchased as a standalone module, with a custom element that translates your machine data output file and polls the data directly into the appropriate CRMTiger Inspection Record. You can utilize this module to automate the transfer of data from multiple machine into multiple inspection records simultaneously. The impact of this module goes beyond mere cost savings. This application can save your company salaries.

Key Benefits :
  • Eliminate inspection data entry
  • Poll data directly from CMM or other inspection equipment
  • Poll data from multiple machine simultaneously
  • Import data directly into CRMTiger Inspection Record(s)
  • Record actual results for unlimited inspection attributes
  • Send Exception email to manager

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