vTiger® CRM End-User Training

vTiger® end-user training is designed for CRM users to understand basics of CRM. This program contributes significantly towards implementing CRM within an organization to succeed.


CRM End-User Training Devided in 2 Courses.
Day 1 : Fundamental & CRM Configuration
Introductory course for Vtiger CRM system administrator includes:
  • Company setup
  • New user set-up and configuration
  • Group creation and management
  • Role creation and management
  • Sharing access management
  • Introduction to basic module manager
  • Email template & workflow management
  • Pick list editor management
Day 2 : Administrative management
Course for system administrators to learn advanced Vtiger® CRM and/or for customers planning to manage their system on-premise includes:
  • Audit trail, login history management
  • Mail manager & Email convertor setup
  • Configuring external data connectors
  • Importing/Exporting data
  • Server administration and performance tuning
  • Backups and data management
  • Dashboard & report customization
Day 3 : Advance customization & Practice
A more detail understanding of Vtiger modules & management of the users
  • Module management
  • Understanding of vTiger modules and interdependency
  • Practice on vTiger administration option
Course 2 : Administrative Training (Time Duration : 16 hours)
Day 1 : User Training
vTiger User Training – Day-1 focuses on sales-oriented end users. This class will be more interactive as attendees are assumed to have some background in using vTiger CRM. Topics include:
  • Review of introductory vTiger CRM concepts
  • Detailed opportunity management and classification
  • Sales forecasting with the opportunities module
  • Practice for keeping information current in vTiger CRM
  • Basic dashboard configuration
  • Introduction to reporting
  • Managing the sales process with vTiger CRM
Day 2 : User Training
This class focuses on more advanced topics for sales and non-sales users as well as managers. Attendees must have attended Day-1 User Training or should have equivalent experience using vTiger CRM.
  • Lead management & Lead conversion
  • Configuring and customizing dashboards
  • Advanced search concepts
  • Configuring and using the documents module
  • Advanced sales forecasting with the forecasting module
  • Customer support management with the cases module
  • Setting-up and using the knowledge base module
  • Managing projects with the projects module
Why Training from CRMTiger ?
  • Experience in vTiger version 5.1 to 6.3
  • 10+ Year of IT experience specifically in OpenSource Framework
  • 40+ Satisfied client
  • 50% Saving in Development cost
  • 50+ Developers
  • Expertise in Code reusability
  • Following coding guidelines
  • Well organize development methodology and structure

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