Healthcare organizations across all segments can do better management using our products, Streamline patient record access and reduce processing errors Enable throughout the life cycle of the patient record Reduce operational costs by alleviating patient dependence on administrative resources Increase responsiveness to patients through online education and counseling.
Many healthcare organizations have begun to implement Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in an effort to improve quality, increase safety, and reduce operational costs. But EMR systems cannot easily manage unstructured content such as files, images and paper documents.
CRMTiger provides unique and customized solution for your business need. We also provide inventory tracking software with EMR solution. This Add-On modules helps you to reduce dependency on human staff and prevent against theft.
Patient Online Services
By giving patients secure, self-service access to their health records, Vignette makes it possible for providers to reduce operational costs by alleviating patient dependence on administrative resources. CRMTiger also enables providers to gain efficiencies through a reduction in the use of paper, phone, and fax and increase responsiveness to patients through online education and counseling.
Streamline simple tasks
Our Software allow patients to confirm their scheduled appointment(s) and to check in. At check out, patients can use the software to schedule future appointments. In addition, the co-pay collection feature allows patients to use a credit card to pay their co-payments at the kiosk. Patience can schedule appointment using online .
Providing Special Service to patience
Software keep tracks of patient’s history and send the reminders to selected patients about their next appointment. It also helps new medical staff to examine and treat the patients more easily by checking their history. Reduce human error in case of alergetic patients .
Minimize patient wait times
Our software minimize wait times and congestion at the front desk, reducing the need for clipboards. In addition, the software reduce the risk of patient misidentification and clerical errors at data entry. Patient Check-In streamlines the process of checking patients in for hospital stays, lab visits, and/or physician office appointments.

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