vTiger® with Elastix Integration

Elastix has been widely used as a complete dialer system over the years. It is open source and acts as a perfect call center suite. Companies engaged in market research or in event management often makes the best use of Elastix as a Predictive Dialer tool to propel their business.
vTiger is the CRM software used by many call center companies with Elastix integrated as one of its components. This combination of telephony system and CRM helps to manage leads, send email to leads, send quotations and for many other purposes.
Integration of Elastix with vTiger turns out as a complete call center suite which benefits sales company to manage CRM with Dialer effectively. Elaborate benefit is that vTiger now possess facilities of voice ecosystem that traditional CRM system do NOT hold.
CRMTiger Integrated vTiger® with Elastix with additional features:
vTiger® Click To Call Integration
This Module provides click to call from vTiger CRM. This module is used to integrate Elastix dialer with vTiger CRM by using Asterisk PBX. So click on the phone number in vTiger starts dialing phone # using Elastix Dialer.
vTiger® Call Recording
Record every call inside vTiger PBX Manager module. So Admin or agent can see list of calls with call duration and other important features like download call recording file to listen a call.
vTiger® Incoming call popup
CRMTiger Team implements the concept of incoming call popup of Elastix with vTiger. So any new user added to CRM sync to Elastix automatically and vice-versa, same has been updated to vTiger as well.
Why integrate Elastix with vTiger from CRMTiger ?
  • Experience in all vTiger versions from 5.x to 7.x
  • Proficient app developers who know all dependencies between FreePBX & vTiger
  • 10+ Year of IT experience specifically in OpenSource Framework
  • 40+ Satisfied client
  • 50% Saving in Development cost
  • 50+ Developers
  • Expertise in Code reusability
  • Following coding guidelines
  • Well organize development methodology and structure

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