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WebPhone (WebRTC) Integration for calling with vTiger CRM 6.x and 7.1

CRMTiger believe in making things easy to save time and increase productivity. With Asterisk connector using WebRTC Phone for vTiger Version 7.1 and 6.x you can start calling your Leads and Contacts from within your CRM. Gone are the days where you open a lead, see the phone number and dial from your Mobile or landline phones.

Version compatiblitiy :

       vTiger : 6.x, 7.x

       Asterisk : asterisk 1.8 and 11 versions

Note :
#1 To install Asterisk connector on multitenant implementation, means if you have one server with asterisk as a subdomain than we have to review your server before we quote you pricing for asterisk connector.
#2 Before Buy this product please contact us on to verify Asterisk version and configuration settings.
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Product Description

Advantages of implementing Webphone connector with vTiger

  • Make a Call from CRM to a Contact or a Lead simply by clicking any phone number mentioned in the record
  • No need of any IP Phone or Softphone
  • No Pop ups, No Navigation, call appears as a strip in same vTiger page below menu and above a record or the record list.
  • Make outgoing calls or even receive incoming calls
  • New – Unknown numbers which are not saved in any record, CRM will offer to save this number as a new Lead, Contact or Organization while the call is in progress.
  • Use CRM side by side while making call and during the call is in progress.
  • Call, put call on hold or hang up by a single click
  • Implementation turn around time maximum 1 week (it may be varying on the server configs and asterisks configs)


vTiger Version 6.x

vTiger Version 7.x


Contact US for Schedule DEMO


  • Module Manager compatible

  • Encrypted through iOncube

  • Single server OR single domain compatible


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