CASE STUDY : VTiger® customization for Healthcare software provider

Client Profile :
HealthCare software provider is involving in technology partner for enhanced care delivery that has been providing HIPAA-compliant, internet-based electronic health records, practice management, and billing solutions since 2001.
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Business Needs:
  • Our client wants the Itemizing the detail of billing part in order to get the exact information about the sales count, as well as want the same thing in PDF Form.
  • They also want to generate the report about task and status of the product in such a way that it will be helpful to generate more business to the Company.
Following solution provided by CRMTiger Team
  • As per our clients requirement our team of VTiger had customize the Itemizing module in such a way that it contain all the data about the product, sales and each major and minor detail related to the product and the same will be convert in to the PDF in order to view for the people who will view their site.
  • In the case of the task, our Variance VTiger team had customizing the task module in such a way that it will generate the report as per the selection of date by the user and it will give the detail information about the task assign to whom, the status and the comment given on the respective task. With this report it is very easy to track the task status and the each minor detail of the same. And on basis of this report company can generate more and more business.
  • Customization of Contact, Organization, Sale Order, Invoice.
  • Creation of Custom Module called “Proposal”. This module will used when sales department able to provide the correct cost of any product inquiry. So the sales person forward inquiry to account and implementation department.
  • Convert Leads to Organization and proposal.
  • Customization of proposal with same fields as “Sale Order” and Invoice.
  • Change the Layout of PDF export of Invoice, Proposal and Sales Order using “PDF Maker” with change in the code of PDF maker to fulfill the requirement.
  • Creation of Custom Module called “Implementation Status”. This module will used when Implementation department able to provide the correct status of the proposal. So the Implementation person forwards actual status of Product and other information about the same to account and training department.
  • Once the Proposal status is approved, the system will automatically generate the Implementation Status.
  • Creation of Custom Module called “Sales Performance Report”. This module will used when sales
    department which able to provide the correct date wise reports of any Leads inquiry.
  • with the addition of this Module sales person can export the PDF as well as CSV of the date wise report, which is very helpful to them what the actual status of the product and what should be the next step for the same.
Tools and Technology :
  • vTiger® version 5.4
  • PHP 5.3
  • SMARTY Framework

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