Openbox Integration

CRMTiger handles smooth openbox integration with vTiger. One of our client from US needed integration for his cloud based openbox implemented on SaaS. Our solution saved his costs and time. If you need any such help, contact us now.

Quickbook Integration

CRMTiger has the team of expert working on many important integration work for many company. Quickbooks integration is one of them.
  1. Send/Receive vTiger® Contacts to QuickBooks

  2. Send/Receive vTiger® Accounts to QuickBooks

  3. View transactions of QuickBooks Customers in their vTiger® Contact Details

  4. Send/Receive vTiger® Invoices to QuickBooks

  5. Send/Receive vTiger® Quotes to QuickBooks

  6. Send/Receive vTiger® Sales Orders to QuickBooks

Google Calender Integration

CRMTiger provide Google calender integrate vTiger® calender with google calender. Now it is easy to sync and manage your events and other calendar data from your vTiger® CRM 6.0 interface. There is no user based restriction, so any user can sync their

  1. Integration of vTiger® CRM and Google calendar

  2. Create and sync events to google calendar from vTiger®

  3. Create and sync appointments and other features to google calendar

  4. Option to select event type, priority and status at the time of sync

  5. Cron based periodical sync

  6. Control cron time via vTiger® cron feature