CRMTiger launches CRM for physicians or clinics to help them manage clinical operations, medications, and relationships with patients.

If you are an independent doctor running your own practice on a small or large scale, this is both a perfect and an economic solution.
With this medical field’s CRM system in place, you carry the entire back-office/clinic and data wherever you are in the world.
Built upon a few years of rigorous efforts, we have elaborately created fully browser-based (BUI) software that consolidates information from scattered sources like
  • emails
  • spreadsheets and
  • phone messages &
  • patient files spread across multiple locations
  • pre-integrated with the customer portal

and presents you with data in a variety of formats, including graphs, charts, & tabular formats.


You can also delegate responsibilities to

  • fellow doctors
  • instruct nurses to give medications from time to time
  • ensure proper dispensary before you start working on the case


  • It’s cloud-based.
  • Provide your patients with first-class forms to fill out a out a comprehensive set of information.
  • Store & retrieve a complete history.
  • It automates day-to-day tasks.
  • It sends reminders.
  • Accept payments
  • Refer to a to a laboratory, another doctor, or any facility not available in-house.

App for Doctors & Hospitals

App Interface for creating / scheduling an Event


Different colors are shown with respect to the type of event, such as
  • A new patient appointment
  • Support End Date
  • Project Task
This screen depicts OVERVIEW, DETAILS VIEW pops-up as you click on any available time slot:



When a patient is discovered for the first time, capture adequate demographics:


The system automatically sends alerts / mobile notifications to the patient, a respected party, and the initiator doctor to remind them about an upcoming visit.
If this is not the first visit or the patient is already imported into the database, you can edit / retrieve information from an old visit or add another.


Manage laboratories, facilities, & commissions via referrals if you want to keep track of facilities available in particular laboratories.
Do it simply by entering data on a screen and letting the system do the other part of the hard work for you:


The application has other features, as below:

  • activity dashboard, and
  • You can generate customizable reports to print in real time by selecting or excluding any required data fields.

It equally serves well to

  • Solicit 1-roof practices &
  • Multi-location specialty groups

For More Information view Physician CRM Video

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