vTiger® GoogleCalendar Integration

Auto-Sync with Google Calendar. We understand many of us use Google Calendar regularly. We offer vTiger integration with Google Calendar. All existing data are replicated between these two automatically. Any new event created at one place will get updated on the other one.
We implemented bi-directional sync feature enables customer to sync all existing events and data between VTiger 6.x and Google calendar. So ultimately the event which created in Google Calendar will be replicated in Vtiger Calendar and the same way the event created in Vtiger calendar will be there in Google Calendar.

As mention in image, there are options mentioned in setting which we need to set, and after that there is option to select calendar. Once done with both just click on SAVE button. The Google Calendar sync with Vtiger Calendar is done. So now all the event of Vtiger Calendar is sync with Google Calendar.
The below mention image is showing event in both Google Calendar as well as Vtiger Calendar.


Key features of vTiger® integration with Google calendar
  • It’s the Real time integration of latest VTiger CRM 6.0 and Google calendar
  • With help of this we can able to invite people from VTiger CRM
  • User can easily create and sync events to Google calendar from VTiger
  • User can create and sync meeting and other features to Google calendar
  • We have option to select event type, priority and status at the time of sync
  • We can sync cron based periodical
  • We can control cron time via VTiger cron feature
  • All users in vtiger can use this feature without restriction
Why Google calendar Integration from CRMTiger ?
  • Experience in vTiger version 5.1 to 6.3
  • 10+ Year of IT experience specifically in OpenSource Framework
  • 40+ Satisfied client
  • 50% Saving in Development cost
  • 50+ Developers
  • Expertise in Code reusability
  • Following coding guidelines
  • Well organize development methodology and structure

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