You need to make strategic decisions, drive the sales process, collaborate on big deals, and keep everyone informed so you can deliver for your customers and win.

Maximize your sales team’s time and potential

How do sales teams actually want to work today?

  • Collaboratively, in Slack.
  • Where do you need to store customer and deal data? In vTiger.

Team gives you the best of both worlds by making it easy for your customer-facing teams to see and do the right things across devices so that your data is more accurate and actionable.

Team enables sales teams, plus the people they collaborate with, to use Slack to easily enter information into vTiger, collaborate on deals, and follow workflows that empower them to sell and serve customers.

From any device, anywhere. No more wasting time searching for and entering limited CRM data after the fact. No more nagging your team for updates.

How CRMTiger’s Slack Integration with vTiger Help you?

CRMTiger Team build Robust integration tools to integrate Slack with vTiger.

Some of the Important integrated features as below,

  • Comments added in vTiger send text message to user directly.
  • @mentioned features in comments send message to user in slack.
  • Send message to #Slack channel (e.g. #channelname) from vTiger comments area.
  • Integrated with vTiger workflow so it fired trigger to send message to slack.

Let us know if you needs more information on this

Do You Need More Information ?

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